Tuesday, April 6, 2010

KU Football.

Now that basketball season is officially over (well, the playing part that is), it is time to turn our attention to the other major sport, Football. Like this years Basketball team, last years football team came in with huge expectations. It was a down year in the North, and it looked as if KU would be able to easily win the North for the first time since the formation of the Big 12 with returning talent in Todd Reesing, Jake Sharp, Kerry Meier and Dezmon Briscoe, plus the 31st ranked recruiting class. But like this years basketball team, the season ended in disappointment. Amid controversy over head coach Mark Mangino mistreating players and injuries throughout the season, the team ended the season on a 7-game losing streak and finished the season with a 5-7(1-7) record. After the season Mark Mangino resigned(though there was a heavy chance he was going to get fired anyway). Now it's spring, and a new season has begun. Now taking orders from head coach Turner Gill, the team is hoping to flip their luck around and fight for their first Big 12 north title.

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