Saturday, June 12, 2010

KSU vs. KU rivalry if KU goes to Pac-10

The University of Kansas could quite possibly be heading to the Pac-10. What will happen to the Wildcats of Kansas State if there in state rival moves to the Pac-10? First of all if KU heads to another conference will KSU follow or head there seperate way. Kansas State has not been one of the main names mentioned in the conference shake-up. What would happen to the Sunflower Showdown if KU heads to the Pac-10?

Personally I believe the rivalry will still be there among the top rivalries in college sports. What I think will change about the rivalry is the implications put on the rivalry. For several years in both football and basketball the sunflower showdown has had national exposure and has been very important in Big 12 rankings and National rankings. For example this years basketball Big 12 championship game was between the two rivals. Kansas State was looking to end KU's streak of dominance and quite possibly earn themselves a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Lets take a look at some of the memorable sunflower showdown games. Here are some of the most important Sunflower Showdown's of the past decade:

2010 Big 12 Championship: Kansas 72 vs. KSU 64

January 30,2008: Kansas State 84 vs. Kansas 75

January 30, 2010: Kansas 81 vs. Kansas State 79 (OT)

1995: #14 Kansas State 41 vs. #6 Kansas 7

2004: Kansas 31 vs. Kansas State 28

1987: Tie 17 to 17

These scores show how great the sunflower showdown is. This will not change even if KU moves to Pac-10 and leaves Kansas State behind.

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