Monday, June 14, 2010

The Big 12 Super-conference!

Yes, you read that title correctly. The Big 12 (if they follow my idea) could, in fact, go from looking at its demise, to being the very first super-conference!, who has been on top of every story concerning the Big 12's unsteady future, reported yesterday that Dan Beebe (the commissioner of the Big 12) has pulled out everything he can to keep Texas, and the rest of the south, from jumping ship. Beebe has told the the 10 schools that are left that he can keep the conference a TV deal that would pay each school up to $17 million, which is what the SEC pays out. It's also reported that he told the schools they would be able to have their own TV newtorks, which Texas has been wanting for a while and if they jumped to the Pac-10 would not get. SEC, check. Pac-10, check. This deal has stopped Texas in their tracks and they appear to now be leaning to stay in the Big 12 and save it from extinction. Now Beebe has to deal with A&M, who said they would love to save the Big 12 and would stay if they didn't get much of an offer from another conference. If A&M stays, the Big 12 is saved. Now onto my plan.
Lets say the Big 12 is saved and they stay together. They now have the super-conference card in their hand. With the Big 12 staying together, the MWC won't get their BCS bid like what was expected. The Big 12 can stop this from happening again and merge with the MWC and become the first super-conference. How great would that be? This would be a HUGE slap in the face to the Pac-10 and Big 10 if the Big 12 became the first super-conference. The MWC would take up the deal to merge with the Big 12 in a heart beat. Adding Boise State has already shown that they want to be a BCS conference and merging with the Big 12 would guarantee them what they wanted. Now I'm not for sure how a 20 team conference would work, but here is what I think they could do.

Football - They could creat four sub-divisions in the conference with five teams each. They could have the North, South, North-West and South-West. Here is how these divisions would play out.

North - KU, KSU, ISU, Missouri and Wyoming
South - Texas, TTU, OU, OSU and A&M
North-West - Boise St, Colorado St, Air Force, BYU and Utah
South-West- Nevada, TCU, San Diego St, New Mexico, and Baylor

They would each play their division opponents (4 games) 2 Non-Conf opponents (6 games) then 2 teams from each of the other 3 divisions (12 games)

The Championship game opponents would be decided by #1 North vs #1 North-West and #1 South and #1 South-West. Then the winners of those two games would face each other in the Big-20 championship game.

Basketball - 30 games on a schedule would equal 19 conference games and 11 non-conference games. They would alternate home and away games every year and play every team once. Then in the tournament, they would take the top 12 teams and do the usual Big 12 conference tournament.

This is a great idea and would secure the survival of the Big 12 forever.

-Tyler (PS, I promise Wednesday I'll have something that has to do with KU and KU only)

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