Friday, June 11, 2010

Round, round, round it goes, where KU will end up? Nobody knows!

This conference re-alignment thing just gets more confusing by the minute. Reports were coming out yesterday that Texas A&M were still heavily considering the SEC, and that Texas had no interest in the SEC. That means a spot could be opening for KU to sneak in and move to the SEC. The problem with that is that I don't see KU leaving KSU and splitting conferences, but that's how many felt about Texas and Texas A&M. So this little story leaves two questions. Will Pac-10 put A&M on the clock and will Texas and Texas A&M really split up? Only time will tell. You may be asking, what does this have to do with KU? Well, like I mentioned before, this could affect where KU lands up if the Big 12 goes down. If Texas A&M does decide to go to the SEC, that means the Pac-10 would need one more team to complete their plans and KU could be the final team to complete the Pac-16. But like I mentioned before, I honestly don't see KU splitting up with their in state rival, KSU.

Another big story that just came out today was Boise State is moving to the Mountain West Conference (MWC). What does this have to do with both KU and KSU you say? With the addition of Boise State, the MWC is almost guaranteed the Big 12's spot to be a BCS conference. This should be very exciting to KU and KSU fans, I know I am. I'm excited because if the Big 12 explodes, then KU and KSU will now most likely have a home. Boise State makes 10 teams in the MWC, so they will most defiantly want to expand more to compete with the other BCS schools expanding (not to mention, it makes a lot more sense geographically wise than the BE or ACC). If they do decide to expand to 12 or 14 teams, KU and KSU (and maybe Missouri, who announced they were staying in the Big 12, and Baylor) have a very good chance to find a new BCS home.

The future of the Big 12 will be discussed today by the people who hold the key to it's destruction, the Texas Board of Regents.


  1. Nice site you've got here. I think KU and K-State joining the Mountain West - along with Boise - makes that conference a top tier sports league, especially in football and hoops (the 2 college moneymakers). The MWC also does well in baseball and other sports. I really hope KU and K-State end up there. It's a great fit and would warrant an automatic BCS berth for the league. Even if it's not automatic, the league would be good enough that it's conference champion would merit a BCS berth regardless. Again, great site. Check out my blog to see some of my opinions on this matter.

  2. Thanks Mike! I agree the MWC would be the best fit but KU might have to leave KSU and go to the Pac-10. Texas A&M is looking like they'll go to the SEC and the Pac-10 has made it clear that it will invite KU to replace them. If that happens KU will have to except for safety reasons. They'll have more security there and will have a conference. They might be able to persuade the Pac-10 to expand to 18 and bring KSU and Mizzou with them but that is highly unlikely.